Below is a list of the articles and chapters Clare and Rachael have published on the Quartet, or using their philosophy, since 2016.


Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ‘Introduction’, special issue of Philosophy on Mary Midgley (forthcoming).

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ‘Interrupting the Conversation: Donald MacKinnon, Wartime Tutor of G. E. M. Anscombe, Philippa Foot, Mary Midgley and Iris Murdoch’, Journal of Philosophy of Education (forthcoming)

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, Metaphysical Animals: How Four Women Brought Philosophy Back to Life (Chatto & Windus)

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ‘My ghostly past: Murdoch and Anscombe on “The Reality of the Past”‘. Hopwood, M and Panizza, S. The Murdochian Mind. Routledge

Wiseman, ‘Wittgenstein, Anscombe and the Need for Metaphysical Thinking, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society. OUP


Wiseman, ‘What do I see? What am I doing?. Wiseman and Haddock (eds) The Anscombian Mind. Routledge

Mac Cumhaill, ‘Sensation in Intention’. Wiseman, R and Haddock, A. The Anscombian Mind. Routledge

Wiseman, ‘The Question of Linguistic Idealism’. Teichmann (ed.) Oxford Handbook to G. E. M. Anscombe. Oxford: Oxford University Press

MacCumhaill and Wiseman, ‘Sensation and the Grammar of Life: Anscombe’s Procedure and her Purpose’. Logue, H. and Richardson, L. Philosophy of Perception: Purpose and Procedure. Oxford University Press


*Mac Cumhaill, ‘Bivs, space, and ‘in’. Erkenntnis

Wiseman, ‘What if the Private Linguist were a Poet?’. European Journal of Philosophy 28(1)

Mac Cumhaill, ‘Getting the Measure of Murdoch’s Good’. European Journal of Philosophy 28(1)

Wiseman, ‘Brute Facts and Human Affairs’. Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements 87

Mac Cumhaill, ‘Depicting Human Form’. Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements 87.

Wiseman, Review of Mary Midgley’s What is Philosophy For? Ethics

Mac Cumhaill, Review of Mary Midgley’s What is Philosophy For? Mind.

Wiseman, ‘The Misidentification of Immunity to Error through Misidentification’.  Journal of Philosophy 116(12)

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ‘The women who brought philosophy into everyday life’. British Academy Blog

Wiseman, ‘Mr. Truman: The False Hypocrisy of the Ideal Standard’. Alston, Carpenter and Wiseman (eds), Portraits of Integrity. London: Bloomsbury PublishingMac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ‘Notes from a Biscuit Tin’. Philosopher’s Magazine. September issue.

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ‘In Memory of Mary Midgley’. For IAI News

*Mac Cumhaill, ‘Nonsense and Visual Evanescence’. Mac Cumhaill, C. & Crowther, T.
(eds.) Perceptual Ephemera. Oxford University Press

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ‘Philosophy in a “world of women”’. Iris Murdoch Review

*Mac Cumhaill, ‘The Tactual Ground, Immersion and the Space Between’. Southern Journal
of Philosophy

Wiseman, ‘What am I and what am I doing?’.  Journal of Philosophy 114 (10)

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ‘Anscombe, Foot, Midgley, Murdoch: A Philosophical School’. Iris
Murdoch Review No. 9

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ‘Silencing the men: A philosophical conundrum or master stroke?’. Broad Agenda

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Wiseman, ‘The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Intention’. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 90(2)

Wiseman, Anscombe’s Intention. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge



* denotes contemporary philosophy that incorporates aspects of the philosophy of the Wartime Quartet