Below is a list of the the talks and interviews Clare and Rachael have given on the Quartet since 2016. 

October 2020
Durham Book Festival and New Writing North discussion on philosophy and poetry with Jenny Judge, Istvan Zardai and Gillian Alnutt

August 2020
Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, British Academy ‘Shelvies’ series

July 2020
Mac Cumhaill on ‘Possible Podcast’, Durham University

June 2020
Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ABC Philosopher’s Zone broadcast on Philosophy by Postcard

December 2019
Wiseman and poet Deryn Rees Jones, Victoria Gallery and Museum, Liverpool

Mac Cumhaill and poet Sarah Howe, All Saints House, London

November 2019
‘Women in Parenthesis’ at VU Amsterdam, half day conference on the project and evening public lecture by Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman ‘Philosophical Piano Practice’

September 2019
Iris Murdoch Centenary Conference, Queen’s University. Kingston

Philosophy by Postcard exhibition at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin, with pop-up talk by Clare Mac Cumhaill

Rachael Wiseman speaks at Elizabeth Anscombe centenary conference, Oxford

July 2019
Clare Mac Cumhaill speaks at Iris Murdoch postage stamp and commemorative plaque launch Dublin.

June 2019
Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman ‘What is Philosophy for?’ Pop-up talk, British Academy Summer Showcase (featuring recreation of Iris Murdoch’s writing desk using archival materials from numerous Oxford colleges, Kingston and Durham University).

Rachael Wiseman and Jane Heal in conversation on Elizabeth Anscombe on British Academy ‘Great Thinkers’ podcast

Rachael Wiseman speaks at Somerville Anscombe Centenary Conference

Radio Oxford Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman with Lilley Mitchell

March 2019
Rachael Wiseman gives Royal Institute of Philosophy lecture ‘Brute Facts and Human Affairs’ 

Clare Mac Cumhaill gives Royal Institute of Philosophy lecture ‘Depicting Human Form’

November 2018
Launch of Geoff and Mary Midgley papers at Durham University Palace Green Archives and Conference

October 2018
BBC3 Free Thinking ‘The Golden Age of Female Philosophy’

September 2018
Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, ‘A Female School in Analytic Philosophy?’ University of Pennsylvania Philosophy Department

Rachael Wiseman gave Graham Kennedy memorial lecture on the Quartet at Queen’s University, Canada. ‘A Female School in Analytic Philosophy?’

June 2018
In Parenthesis panel at SWIP Ireland Annual Conference

September 2017
In Parenthesis panel at Iris Murdoch Society Conference

June 2017
Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman, Sheffield Annual Women in the History of Philosophy Lecture: ‘Ethics in a World of Women: Anscombe, Foot, Midgley and Murdoch: A Philosophical School?’

April 2017
International workshop on the Quartet, Durham University, with Mary Midgley and Midgley family in attendance 

Durham Teacher’s Conference presentation for A-Level on the Quartet with Clare Mac Cumhaill

March 2017
Australian Radio ABC Philosopher’s Zone broadcast with Mary Midgley and Rachael Wiseman

June 2016
Rachael Wiseman, ‘The Golden Age of Female Philosophy?’, at Cambridge Women in the History of Philosophy conference

September 2015
Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) Ireland first presentation of archival material at Newman House