Last night we joined the brilliant Shahidha Bari to talk about the Quartet. Sorry we didn’t tell any of you in advance, but it was LIVE and there was no telling what we might say (or be like on air! – apparently, we were just fine…)

Thanks to Luke Mulhall and the Free Thinking team for setting us at ease, but especially for giving us the chance to spread the word about the Quartet, our daily inspiration. The program included an excerpt from Mary Midgley’s radio transcript, ‘Rings and Books’, submitted to the BBC in 1954 but never aired due to its constituting an unnecessary intrusion of the domestic into affairs that are properly intellectual! Time it got a fair hearing – wonderful to think of Mary’s words finally resounding across nation more than sixty years after they were written. ¬†Hope you enjoy it!

There is a second-level teaching resource on ‘Rings and Books’ available for teachers and students here¬†(with thanks to Richard Stopford).

Also, for the record, Clare did *not* discover ‘Rings and Books’!! – it’s in the Midgley Archive at Palace Green Library, and a pdf is here¬†replete with Mary’s annotations)