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What influence did Wittgenstein and Aquinas have on Anscombe and Foot?

Both Foot and Anscombe talk about Aquinas quite often, and both of them seem to take it for granted that Aquinas’ thought can be elucidated by thinking about it from directions provided by Wittgenstein; not just that Aquinas can be corrected or improved by the addition of a Wittgensteinian perspective, but rather that what Aquinas himself actually thought can be elucidated by looking at his work from such an angle. Both of them do this quite often, sometimes implicitly and sometimes explicit, but almost always very casually, as if it is quite obvious that this is how it should be. But in what sense in Aquinas Wittgensteinian?!

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ABC Philosophy Zone

Link to external website – summary (tbw) Listen to Dr Mary Midgley and Dr Rachael Wiseman discussing ‘The Golden Age of Female Philosophy’, and its relevant for discussions about women in philosophy today, with Fiona Jenkins on...

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