The materials below aim to make the philosophy of the Quartet available to undergraduate and graduate students. Please let us know if you find them useful and share your projects with us via Twitter (@parenthesis_in). We’d love to hear your ideas for any further resources or projects.


Are you interested in working with us? Do you have ideas for a project or a piece of writing? If so, we’d love to hear from you. (Please note, we do not currently have funding available for interns but we can support any funding applications you make via your institution).

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Host a cocoa party

Host a Cocoa Party

When the Quartet were students, men’s and women’s lives at university were fairly separate. Men’s access to the women’s colleges was strictly limited, and women were not permitted to visit pubs in town. Cocoa parties, in each others’ rooms, were a place for sharing ideas and creating a philosophical community outside of the formal classroom.

Reading groups

Reading Group

Want to set up your own Women In Parenthesis Reading Group? Follow the schedule, written by our students, which introduces you to key themes in the work of the Quartet: Human Nature, Ethics, Culture and Freedom. You could make your group women-only.

Student Blog

Have something to say? We welcome blog posts from students interested in the Quartet. If you’ve an idea for a blog post let us know. You might find inspiration in posts from past students.

Laidlaw Scholarships 2017-2018!

Laidlaw Scholarships 2017-2018!

Do you have a research idea that fits under the In Parenthesis research umbrella? Want to do some primary research in the newly acquired Mary Midgley Archive at Durham Special Collections? Are you interested in material and structural conditions that affect the...