These accessible and engaging video presentations have been created by Liz McKinnell. Teacher’s Notes accompany each presentation. They can be integrated into teaching or used as a basis for lesson plans. They cover key topics often taught in the classroom.

Videos have been developed in consultation with the National Association of Teachers of RE and are designed to fit with topics mentioned in the AQA and OCR AS and A-Level curricula.

Please get in touch if you’ve used this material – we’d love to hear how you got on.

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Mary Midgley

Dualism and Materialism

Midgley is a good philosopher to discuss when teaching dualism and materialism because she is highly critical of both positions, and neither is she an idealist.

Metaethics and Emotivism

Midgley is a good philosopher to introduce when discussing the Naturalistic Fallacy and Emotivism, both of which she rejected.

The Problem of Evil

God does not feature prominently in Midgley’s thoughts on the problem of evil – she thinks it is more interesting to explore evil from a human perspective. But her treatment of evil feeds back into debates about how an omnibenevolent omnipotent God might permit such a thing to exist.


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Iris Murdoch

Plato’s Cave

Murdoch can be introduced in the context of teaching Plato. Her theory of unselfing speaks to the contemporary relevance of the metaphors Plato uses in his myth of the Cave.