We’re just back from a whirlwind SWIP-Ireland conference. 3 fantastic days of philosophy with 64 speakers and 6 keynotes; an astonishing organisational feat on the part of Maria Baghramian and SWIP-Ireland, which we were honoured to be part of – especially¬†at a such a crucial moment in Irish history.

A referendum will be held on 25 May to determine whether the 8th Amendment to the Irish constitution – which gives constitutional rights to the unborn to be born on a par with those of the mother – should be repealed.

The 8th is part of a wider, historic and systematic theocratic and cultural insistence on the policing and shaming of women’s bodies, one that has – until now – received constitutional sanction, and which has harmed women for generations, physically and psychologically, since the foundation of the state.

We’re holding out for a resounding #togetherforyes¬†