Topic: Academic Philosophy

Wartime Quartet Royal Institute Reading Group – Some Reflections

by Ana Barandalla   We have completed the Wartime Quartet Reading Group in London, where it has run alongside the Friday Lectures at the Royal Institute of Philosophy from October 2018 to March 2019. I’m not sure what my expectations were at the outset, but whatever they were, it has been a thoroughly enjoyable and didactic experience, and as we finished, I was left with a sense that something good had been accomplished. It was back in the summer of 2018 that Clare proposed that I, together with Hannah Altorf, facilitate the Group, and I jumped at the chance....

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Mary Midgley and our Need For (Good) Philosophy, Ian James Kidd (10/11/18)

 At the Midgley Archive Launch we heard a series of wonderful talks from distinguished guests. Here, Dr Ian James Kidd takes inspiration from the archive and reflects on the necessity of philosophy.   Philosophy is a necessity, not a luxury Mary Midgley thought philosophy was a necessity, not a luxury – something we need to do if our lives are to go well. She described it as ‘something we are doing all the time, a continuous, necessary background activity which is likely to go badly if we don’t attend to it’ (2018:81). But doing it all the time doesn’t...

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Some reflections on Stereotype Threat

by Ana Barandalla I first became acquainted with the concept of Stereotype Threat (ST) through one of Jenny Saul’s earlier versions of her paper ‘Implicit Bias, Stereotype Threat, and Women in Philosophy’.⁠[i] It felt liberating. The cognitive, emotional, and physiological manifestations of ST are things with which I was very familiar, and although I often felt that I could sense it in others, it was never discussed. What would you say? ‘I sometimes think that maybe (whisper – in being a woman) I’m not good enough for this’?[ii] For a start, you do not – DO NOT – want...

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