The history of 20th century philosophy is still being written.

These pages explore the contribution of a remarkable group of philosophers who met as young women at Oxford University during World War II.

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‘Rings and Books’ by Mary Midgley

Midgley wrote this essay in the mid-1950s for BBC radio. In her memoir The Owl of Minerva, she recalls: “I wrote it because I had suddenly been struck by the fact that nearly all the famous philosophers whose lives we know about were lifelong bachelors...

Iris Murdoch lifeline

Jean Iris Murdoch (1919-1999)   1919       15 July: Born in Phibsborough, Ireland, to Irene Alice and Wills John Hughes Murdoch.   1925       Entered the Froebel Demonstration School, Roehampton.   1932       Joined...

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