This is a growing list of work by Mapping the Quartet members. Please email us with us at with suggestions of work to consider including.


New work on the Quartet

Blum, Lawrence 2023, ‘Iris Murdoch’, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Bakhurst, David 2022, ‘Moral Education for Metaphysical Animals’, Journal of Philosophy of Education 56(6)

Lipscomb, Benjamin 2021, The Women are Up to Something, OUP

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman 2022, Metaphysical Animals: How Four Women Brought Philosophy Back to Life, Chatto & Windus

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman 2021, ‘Sensation and the Grammar of Life: Anscombe’s Procedure and her Purpose’. Logue and Richardson (eds), Philosophy of Perception: Purpose and Procedure, OUP

O’Hare, Antony 2019, ‘A Centenary Celebration: Anscombe, Foot, Midgley, Murdoch’, Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements 87, CUP

Jamieson, Lesley 2022, ‘Teaching, Learning and Philosophizing as Metaphysical Animals’, Journal of Philosophy of Education, 56(6)`


New Work Mapping Connections

Mac Cumhaill, Clare 2020, ‘Getting the Measure of Murdoch’s Good’. European Journal of Philosophy 28(1)

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman 2022, ‘Interrupting the Conversation: Donald MacKinnon, Wartime Tutor of G. E. M. Anscombe, Philippa Foot, Mary Midgley and Iris Murdoch’, Journal of Philosophy of Education 56(6)

Mac Cumhaill and Wiseman 2022, ‘My ghostly past: Murdoch and Anscombe on “The Reality of the Past”’. Mark Hopwood and Sylvia Panizza (eds), The Murdochian Mind, Routledge

Wiseman, Rachael 2022, ‘Wittgenstein, Anscombe and the Need for Metaphysical Thinking’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society

West, Peter 2023, ‘Seeing Life Steadily: Dorothy Emmet’s philosophy of perception and the crisis in metaphysics’, British Journal for the History of Philosophy: 1-25

Wiseman, Rachael 2024, ‘Dorothy Emmet: ‘for administrators whose hearts are with the anarchists, and anarchists who can have a heart for the administrators’. Stuart Jones (ed.), Manchester Minds, MUP



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