Our projects aim to share and promote the work of the Quartet and to encourage new kinds of philosophical thinking and practice. Take a look at some of our projects and find out how to join in!


Mapping the Quartet

Mapping the Quartet

Mapping the Quartet charts the early lives of Elizabeth Anscombe, Philippa Foot, Mary Midgley and Iris Murdoch. The website includes historical maps of Oxford, Cambridge and London allowing you to follow in the footsteps of the Quartet and to learn about their lives together.

You can also join the network to connect with researchers, scholars and readers. We hope this will foster new links and insight, facilitate sharing of expertise, and promote intergenerational philosophical collaboration. 

In collaboration with James Jeffries and Ana Barandalla.

Notes from a Biscuit Tin

Notes from a Biscuit Tin is centenary celebration of Mary Midgley’s philosophical vision.

On what would have been Mary’s 100th birthday, her biscuit tin (gifted by her family after her death) began a round-the-world voyage. At twelve stops a poet and a philosopher meet to share a conversation and a poem on a theme from Midgley’s work.

Young Poets

As part of our Notes from a Biscuit Tin project, Young Poets invites young people across the world to send us an illustrated poem inspired by the work of Mary Midgley.

Download our worksheets to introduce young minds to the work of  Midgley and find why philosophers need poets. 

Mapping the Quartet

Philosophy by Postcard

Philosophy by Postcard is a centenary celebration of Iris Murdoch’s philosophical vision.

In partnership with An Post.

Between July and September 2019 people sent postcards from all over the world to Iris Murdoch’s birthplace, each asking a philosophical question. We selected 100 and sent them on to 100 philosophers around the globe for answers. Browse the correspondence and find out more about the project.