The website in built using the Extra theme

Extra theme demo

Extra theme documentation

Website Category structure

General editing

The top right Help tab gives you tips on wherever you are in the WordPress dashboard.

From the front-end of the website, use the links in the top admin bar to help you edit each page (edit page)/post (edit post)/category (edit layout).
Most editing works the same as the system, but the Extra theme has a few unusual features.

  • Category builder To edit the Homepage, and other category landing pages, eg Talks & Writings,  Library
    (Left menu >> Extra >> Category builder)
  • Divi builder is used to format most Category layouts and Pages/Posts.
    See documentation here / fairly user friendly to play around with.
    There are different modules available depending on whether you’re editing a Category layout or a Page/Post.
  • Extra AC Shortcodes
    By default, the Extra theme limits what Divi Builder modules you can place on a Category layout, or on a Page/Post layout. Extra AC shortcodes is an extension of the Divi builder which allows you to put any modules (eg Text, Tabbed posts, slideshow) anywhere you like – on Category layouts or Pages/Posts.
    Create the modules in AC shortcodes then add a text module to the Page/Post/ Category layout where you want the module to display, and paste in the shortcode.
    See tutorial
  • The Homepage slider is created with AC shortcodes here

Homepage slider

  • The Homepage slider is created with AC shortcodes here

Adding Posts

  • LH menu >> Posts >> Add new
  • Complete these sections:
    Title, Category, Featured image (optional), Tags, Related posts

Adding Lesson plans

  • Add lesson plans as Projects
  • See documentation here
  • ‘Skills’ work like Post ‘Tags’
  • ‘Categories’ can be used to sort the lesson plans by Theme… TBC

Editing the Right hand menus

  • The right hand menus are edited in Appearance >> Widgets
  • There are 2 sidebars set up:
    – Main Sidebar – for Posts and Category Archives
    – Page Sidebar for pages
  • Each Widget has tickboxes to show/hide in on particular parts of the website, eg. by category, page etc.

Edit top menu

  • Left hand Menu >> Appearance >> Menus
    (Click Save!)