Series 3

Philippa Foot and Trolley Problems

Philippa Foot
3.1 Tracking the Runaway Train
Although the trolley problem is a well-known meme, not many people know of its origins in philosophy. In this episode, I introduce the doctrine of double effect and discuss why Philippa Foot created the trolley thought experiment in the first place.
*content warning: brief comments on abortion
3.2 Looking for Moral Principles
Continuing on the Foot train, this episode delves more deeply into Philippa Foot’s response to arguments for how the doctrine of double effect should influence our thinking about ethics.
*content warning: brief comments on abortion
3.3 Moral Objectivity – a conversation
Ana Barandalla joins us to talk about Philippa Foot’s book Natural Goodness. In this episode, we discuss Foot’s project in moral philosophy, and what it means to have objectivity in ethics.
3.4 The Form of a Good Person – a conversation
Ana Barandalla is back to discuss Philippa Foot’s book Natural Goodness, and in particular, the idea of having a standard form of life for humans which can serve as an objective standard for moral judgements.
3.5 Defective – a conversation
Continuing in conversation with Ana Barandalla on Natural Goodness, this episode addresses some problems in Philippa Foot’s ethical picture. In particular, we talk about her use of the term ‘defect’.
3.6 Morality Among Us -a conversation
In our final episode about Natural Goodness, I ask Ana Barandalla what she thinks is important to learn from Philippa Foot’s concept of morality.

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