Mary Midgley

‘Rings and Books’ by Mary Midgley

Midgley wrote this essay in the mid-1950s for BBC radio. In her memoir The Owl of Minerva, she recalls:

“I wrote it because I had suddenly been struck by the fact that nearly all the famous philosophers whose lives we know about were lifelong bachelors…

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Then and Now

by Mary Midgley Mary Midgley Considers How What Is Called Philosophy Has Changed Since She And Her Friends First Plunged Into It Changes In World-Pictures. When we four people started studying Philosophy at Oxford in the early...

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Mary Midgley lifeline

Mary Midgley (née Scrutton) was born in 1919 and studied Classics at Somerville College, Oxford (1937-42). During the war she worked in the Civil Service before returning to Oxford to begin a PhD with Gilbert Murray on Plotinus....

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Questions for Midgley?

We are meeting Mary Midgley on Monday next week to get further low-down on the Golden Age. Send us your questions! These can range from ‘Who taught you Kant?’, ‘What do you think about contemporary philosophy?’, ‘In ‘Beast and...

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Third Keynote: Mary Midgley

We are so excited to confirm that Mary Midgley will join us at our International Women’s Day conference. Midgley was part of an extraordinary group of women at Oxford University in the 1930s. The prominence of Midgley,...

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Interview with Mary Midgley

Clare, Luna, and I went along to interview Mary Midgley today at her home in Newcastle. We spent an incredible 90 minutes learning about life in Oxford during the 1930s and 40s, and hearing her thoughts on the contemporary lot...

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